4.3 Node.js

flow.ci supports several recent versions of Node.js as well as multiple frameworks, dependency management tools, and plugins for Node.js.

Supported versions:

  • Node.js v0.10.32
  • Node.js v0.12.2
  • Node.js v4.0.0
  • Node.js v5.2.0
  • Node.js v6.6.0

Supported dependency management tool:

For Node.js projcets flow.ci uses NPM as the default dependency management tool.

Available plugins:

Basics plugins:

Databases plugins:

Message notifications plugins:

Code detection plugins:

Third-party plug-ins:

  • fir.im Uploader:generate .ipa or .apk files and uploads them to fir.im beta app distribution platform
  • qiniu Upload: upload any output file to Qiniu

Custom plug-ins:

  • Custom Script:custom scripts allow you to further customize your flows, create and add steps fitting your unique workflow

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