5.3.24 Qiniu Upload plugin

Qiniu Upload plugin automatically uploads files to Qiniu cloud.

How to use Qiniu Upload plugin?

To be able to use the Qiniu upload plugin, you need to input the Qiniu access key, secret key, space name, file name, and the file path.

$ FLOW_QINIU_ACCESS_KEY: Visit Qiniu key management to get the Access Key

$ FLOW_QINIU_SECRET_KEY: Visit Qiniu key management to get the Secret Key

$ FLOW_QINIU_BUCKET: Fill in your Qiniu hosting / storage’s name. A bucket, just like a folder, is a named section of your storage space in Qiniu cloud.

$ FLOW_QINIU_KEY: enter the name that you want to display after uploading your file to Qiniu

$ FLOW_QINIU_LOCAL_FILE: Fill in the path to the file you want to upload Qiniu.

When finished, click "Save" to save the settings.

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