5.3.13 Slack notification plugin

With the slack notification plugin, you can integrate Slack into your flow with WebHook, to receive notifications to your selected slack channels.

How to set up the Slack notification plugin?

To set up the Slack Notification plugin, you need to enter your Slack’s Webhook URL and the message you want to send into the corresponding fields.

$FLOW_SLACK_INCOMING_URL: Input Slack’s Webhook URL.

$ FLOW_SLACK_MSG_JSON: Specify the message you want to send in JSON format.

How to obtain Slack's Webhook URL?

Step 1, Select the channel you want to push your message to, then click on "Add an app or integration" .

Step 2, Select "Incoming WebHooks".

Step 3, Select flow.ci and click "Configure".

Step 4, Click the "Add Configuration".

Step 5, Select channel from the dropdown menu, then click on "Add Incoming WebHooks integration".

Step 6, Copy and paste the Slack’s webhook URL into flow.ci slack notification plug-in, then click on "Save Settings".

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