3.3 Triggering build with pull request

In flow.ci builds can also be triggered by pull requests. In every new project, pull request is set as a default method to trigger builds. Every time a project contributor is sending a pull request, flow.ci will automatically build the head branch.

How to stop pull requests triggering builds?

If you want to stop pull requests triggering builds, you only need to turn the "Pull Request" switch off. That’s it. Following this, any pull requests from your project contributors will be ignored by flow.ci until it gets turned back on.

How to view detailed build logs?

Pull requests (or otherwise know as merge requests) in the development process have a unique significance. Pulling new code into a stable branch often comes with higher risk and means great responsibility for those, who are involved in the process. This is why builds triggered by pull requests have a distinguished place in the main menu, at “Pull Requests”.

If you want to see the detailed build logs, go to “Pull Requests” and click on a preferred build in the build history.

Click on each step to view the details.

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